Automatic multiblade trimming machine

Great precision and drastic reduction in waste are the key features of DONATONI ELS trimming machines.
Longitudinal sawing of slabs is done continuously, without interruptions or down times, using advanced technology that controls spindle movement on the bridge and all processing phases.
ELS machines convey slabs onto the support table. This table has a continuous rubber belt for immediate removal of cutting cycle scrap.

Independent units
Useful cutting width3150 mm3150 mm3150 mm
Table useful length3400 mm3400 mm3400 mm
Number of spindle units2-42-42-4
Maximum blades diameter 350 mm400 mm400 mm
Maximum cutting thickness30 mm80 mm100 mm
Blade/blades motor power5.5 kW ciascuno9 kW ciascuno15 kW ciascuno
Spindle/s travel motor power1.5 kW1.5 kW1.5 kW
Belt motor power3 kW3 kW3 kW
Spindle unit/s lateral movement motor power0.7 kW0.7 kW0.7 kW
Water consumption10 l/min ciascuno10 l/min ciascuno10 l/min ciascuno
Compressed air consumption5 l/min ciascuno5 l/min ciascuno5 l/min ciascuno
Machine weight7000 kg circa7500 kg circa8000 kg circa
Overall dimensions4000x3500x2000/h mm4000x3500x2000/h mm4000x3500x2000/h mm
ELS trimming machines:

- they are made from premium quality materials and have a rigid and sturdy geometric framework;
- they have bridge carrying units, which slides along the length of slab allowing cutting stationary material;
- they can mount a variety of cutting units to adapt to different output and processing requirements;
- they make precise cuts thanks to side traversing of each spindle that uses a brushless motor and also thanks to a rigid and rigorous workpiece clamping system. Movement is controlled by an electronic calculator that programs movement by each single head directly from the control panel. Operation is totally automatic and independent;
- they have production flexibility because each spindle is independent and can also be moved vertically to be excluded from production as required;
- they can cut workpieces of varying sizes and thicknesses at high production rates;
- they are equipped with input roller table where a laser pointer system for loading workpieces is installed. Their operation is controlled by the trimming machine electronic calculator;
- each movement takes place in total safety. Wear and maintenance are reduced to a minimum.
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