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Tradition and passion.
Founded in 1957 as a sole proprietorship by Carlo Donatoni, the firm has acquired the experience and ability to find specific solutions for its clients. In the early nineties, the business assumed the character of company by giving a new impetus to its production.
Thus, COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE DONATONI was born and, with the evolution of the market, the company has sharpened its knowledge and experience in the field of cutting and finishing of natural stone, achieving the design and construction of machines and plants reliable in terms of quality and durability.
Currently the company is spread over an area of 20,000 square metres. We take care of the entire production process: mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering, construction and assembly.

Over the years advanced technologies have been introduced and have made the firm a pioneer in the stone industry, specializing the production in processing tiles and other final products.

For several years now the same professionalism, competence and experience have also been applied with excellent results to the design and construction of machines for processing materials other than natural stone, such as concrete, ceramics and clay bricks.

Moreover, we offer a series of customized machines, designed specifically for each client with a personalization that follows their individual needs and ideas.

About us - 1
About us - 1