Heavy monospindle trimming machine XL

Created from DONATONI experience in the marble workpiece processing sector, RD-XL trimming machines, are designed to make multiple cuts in slabs of marble in order to produce small strips.

RD-XL trimming machines:

- they are manufactured with a single shaft, with central support, that mounts diamond disks separated by aluminium spacers that permit different cutting lengths;
- they offer the advantage of total precision thanks to their exclusive workpiece clamp system and to bridge rotation that releases the disks from the material that has been cut;
- they ensure high productivity thanks to modern technology applied to production cycle control;
- they have a speed slow-down device that acts when cutting is almost terminated to prevent workpieces from breaking. They also have a quick return cycle for the disk-bearing shaft to reduce processing times.

Useful cutting width1500 mm
Table useful length4300 mm
Number of spindle units1
Maximum blades diameter 350 mm
Maximum cutting thickness80 mm
Blade/blades motor power60 kW
Installed power62 kW
Machine weight5000 kg circa
Overall dimensions4350 x 4100 x 2200/h mm
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