Production lines

Customized lines

In order to obtain the required final product, serveral working steps are necessary, as the material need to go through a series of machines connected to each other in a production line, automatizing processes and satisfying high production requirements in safety conditions. 

During over 60 years of activity, Costruzioni Meccaniche Donatoni has grown in experience and passion, and this allowed the company to find the most suitable solutions to conceive and design customized PRODUCTION LINES, according to the specific needs and ideas of each client.



Selection and processing of marble strips

Material selection through laser system, cross cutting and washing station.



Finishing of concrete wall caps

Line for unpalletizing, calibrating and honing, profile shaping and palletizing of concrete wall caps.


Selection and processing of marble slabs

Line for loading marble slabs with palletizer, selection of material with laser system, longitudinal cuts, calibration and cross cutting.


Processing of marble strips

Lines with loading palletizers for splitting, calibrating, honing, trimming and cross cutting of marble strips, with washing and drying stations.


Production of marble rods

Line for cross cutting, calibrating, trimming and palletizing of marble rods.


Processing of concrete tiles

Line for trimming, calibrating, chamfering of concrete tiles with washing, drying and packing stations.


Other solutions

Semplicity. Optimization. Efficiency. Additions and integrations. Technology.