Splitting machine

The DONATONI SC2 splitting machine is designed to split marble and granite workpieces with MAX 150 mm widths. It makes high precision cuts of specific products (such as skirtings, inserts, samples, etc.).

Useful cutting width75 - 150 mm75 - 150 mm75 - 150 mm
Table useful length3500 mm3500 mm3500 mm
Number of spindle units246
Maximum blades diameter 400 mm400 mm400 mm
Maximum cutting thickness30 mm30 mm30 mm
Obtainable minimum thickness7 mm7 mm7 mm
Blade/blades motor power7.5 kW ciascuno7.5 kW ciascuno9 kW ciascuno
Belt motor power0.75 kW0.75 kW0.75 kW
Water consumption20 l/min ciascuno20 l/min ciascuno20 l/min ciascuno
Machine weight2600 kg circa2800 kg circa3000 kg circa
Overall dimensions3750 (5800) x 1900 x 1800/h mm3750 (5800) x 1900 x 1800/h mm3750 (5800) x 1900 x 1800/h mm
SC2 splitting machines:

- they are sturdy and compact, encased with guards that reduce noise, retain process water and ensure operator safety;
- they are composed of two flanks housing the opposed spindle units positioned vertical with respect to the cutting surface so that the machine operator can supervise the process;
- the cutting precision is guaranteed because the spindles remain stationary and adjustment of thickness is possible through vertical table motion, shown on a specific display;
- marble workpieces can be cut using 4 spindle units; granite and hard stones can be cut using 6 spindle units;
- a device automatically slows down conveyor belt speed during the cutting process whenever any of the cutting units exceeds the safety limit;
- the granite model includes, on entry, a motorized pneumatic presser unit that makes the workpieces adhere strongly to the table so that cutting disks can press on the material with greater force;
- they can be equipped with an inverter for special marble and granite cutting requirements in order to adjust spindle unit RPMs;
- on request, the machine can be equipped with approximate 1 meter long entry and output idle roller tables.
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