Chamfering machine for bullnose edges

The DONATONI chamfering machine type BS-T represents the possibility to use advanced technologies for chamfering and polishing of strips and tiles with bullnose edges of different sizes.

Bull-nose profile
Half bull-nose profile
The chamfering machine type BS-T:

- it is proposed in various versions with a wide choice of configurations for the groups according to the kind of finish to be obtained;
- it is available in different formats depending on the size of the product to be processed;
- it is made of a sturdy electro-welded steel frame on which the various groups prepare, grind, calibrate and polish one of the edges of the material;
- it can operate as an independent unit or can be inserted in complete processing lines.

Chamfering machine for diamond-profiled edge
Chamfering machine for diamond-profiled edge The DONATONI chamfering machine type BS-D represents the possibility to apply advanced technologies to chamfering, hon... BS-D See product

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