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The DONATONI SZ brushing machine not only performs the classical brushing on strips and tiles, but it also reveals its ductility realizing both special surface finishes on marble, stone and composite materials, with results that were searched for, but never obtained before, and, if necessary, it can also become a honing machine.
The heart of this machine is, without any doubt, the spindle with planetary satellite heads. Synchronized to the translational movement of the bridge and to the piece forward motion, this particular and innovative rotation system of the brushes is able to obtain on the whole processed surface results without any working defects (as scratches or marks that reveal the direction of work), intensifying, where required, all the chromatic and structural facets of the material.
The sensitivity of the pressure system of the heads with the various range of the working parameters and with the possibility of applying different tools, allows this machine to reach a wide variety of results, from uniform and homogeneous pieces to unique and varied pieces.
In addition to the traditional brushing, satin and antiquing finishing, the SZ brushing machine achieves excellent results also on "bluestone" material, making the surface light gray.

Datasheet SZ2
TYPESZ2 / 4GSZ2 / 6G
Working widthmin 250 - max 1000 mmmin 250 - max 1000 mm
Table useful length3300 mm3300 mm
Number of spindle units46
Diameter of satellites spindle250 mm250 mm
Diameter of satellite plate120 mm120 mm
Spindle verticale stroke100 mm100 mm
Maximum working thickness70 mm70 mm
Spindle motor power3 kW3 kW
Belt motor power0.55 kW0.55 kW
Water consumption60 l/min90 l/min
Compressed air consumption40 l/min60 l/min
Machine weight2500 kg circa2800 kg circa
Overall dimensions2200 x 3800 x 2000/h mm2200 x 3800 x 2000/h mm
The DONATONI brushing machine type SZ:
  • it does not require foundations and can be simply placed on the floor;
  • it can work independently or as part of a processing line: it is already electrically set up for integration in a processing line;
  • the machine operator safety is guaranteed by the fixed and mobile casings that enclose the machine;
  • workpieces of different widths can be processed – from 250 mm up to 610 mm – by adjusting, using a mechanical handwheel, the workpiece retaining guides and, consequently, the travel of the heads bridge;
  • the bridge that houses the satellite spindle heads has a traversing speed controlled by a potentiometer. The speed is displayed on the touch screen;
  • the number of spindles that can be installed varies according to the requirements. With 4 spindles it is possible to install different grain from 60 to 220 obtaining a thin smoothing. Also installing specific brushes, for small production, it is possible to obtain, on the second transition also thinner smoothing.
  • the heads are joined elastically to the bridge to achieve improved surface processing;
  • it has an automatic head lift/lowering device that can also process strips of marble discontinuously (the device reads only the strip entry and exit but not the side profile);
  • it has a special partial spindle lifting system for when the workpiece being processed exits. This speeds up restart of processing when the next workpiece arrives;
  • each spindle has pneumatic working pressure/backpressure that can be individually adjusted depending on the type of workpiece and the type of work process;
  • it has an interactive touch screen panel for all working phases. Using the control panel, the machine operator oversees each single working phase as it takes place: belt feed, spindle traversing, lift/lowering of each single head and intermediate stops. The machine operator can also adjust belt speeds, transverse speeds and spindle lift/lowering speeds from the panel.
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