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The DONATONI robotic cell type ROB-CNC represents the possibility of using cutting-edge technologies in the processing of marble and granite to obtain processed pieces of various sizes in total absence of human presence.

Datasheet ROB-CNC
ROB-CNC robotic cell:
- it is proposed in various versions with a wide choice of anthropomorphic robot configurations and various work groups;
- it is composed by:
  • an industrial 6-axis servo-controlled robot that picks up the workpiece, completes the machining operations and unloads the piece onto a pallet;
  • one or more spindle holder columns with the possibility to customize powers and geometries;
  • a loading and an unloading area;
  • a command station equipped with touch screen for cell control and piece design (with the possibility of carrying out the design phase both on board the machine and in the office). 
- it is a true work center integrated with a palletizing system.
Robot palletizer
Robot palletizer TECHNOLOGY. With the integration of palletizing anthropomorphic robots in production lines, DONATONI has been able to meet... ROB-P See product

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