Double spindle trimming machine

The DONATONI trimming machine type RMG-2P for longitudinal single-pass cuts of different types of material, of different thicknesses, of different sizes. Over time it has had several applications in different sectors, with different materials, for various types of processing. The presence of two spindle shafts allows to cut large thicknesses.


Step cutting
Useful cutting width610 mm1000 mm
Table useful length3500 mm3500 mm
Number of spindle units22
Number of bladesmax 6 per gruppo mandrinomax 6 per gruppo mandrino
Maximum blades diameter 400 mm400 mm
Maximum cutting thickness50 mm50 mm
Minimum cutting size between blades10 mm10 mm
Sled or carrying spindle/motor bridge vertical travel150 mm150 mm
Belt motor power0.75 kW0.75 kW
Blade/blades motor power11 kW ciascuno15 kW ciascuno
Installed power23 kW31 kW
Water consumption75 l/min ciascuno75 l/min ciascuno
Machine weight2500 kg circa2900 kg circa
Overall dimensions3800 x 1400 x 1900/h mm3800 x 1800 x 1900/h mm
The RMG-2P trimmer:

- it has a compact and essential design with attention to the operator safety and to the ergonomics of the operator-machine combination;
- on the shaft on each of the two motor-spindles, it mounts a sleeve for diamond discs spaced by special aluminum thicknesses that allow cuts at different widths. This system guarantees the simplest and quickest change of diamond blades and greater versatility when changing sizes;
- it has the support surface formed by a thick, motorized rubber belt with adjustable feed speed according to the thickness and type of material to be cut;
- it allows simple adjustment of the cutting depth thanks to the vertical stroke of the bridge;
- it can be equipped with shaped diamond wheels to mill pieces with the desired profiles, responding to particular needs;
- it is equipped with a lateral guide system and an upper presser which allows the material to be guided during the cutting phase, being certain of obtaining products with good tolerance and dimesional regularity in the cutting area;
- it can mount a spindle/motor with higher power and with rotation speed adjustable through inverter to allow the cutting of several types of materials.
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