Swivel cross cutting machine with tilting head

Simple and precise, the DONATONI cross cutting machine type G8R carries out cross, mitre and bevel cuts of marble and granite strips. The special features of a swivel table (type G8M) and a tilting bridge allow new and varied forms to be cut, widening the range of products that can be obtained.

Single blade
Inclined cut
Bevel cut
Useful cutting width850 mm (table 0°) - 610 mm (table +/-45°)
Maximum cutting thickness100 mm (head 0°) - 75 mm (head +45°)
Blade diameter300 - 350 - 400 mm
Type of tableA rulli folli - Idle rollers
Blade spindle motor7,5 kW
Installed power9,5 kW
Water consumption20 l/min
Compressed air consumption15 l/min
Overall dimensions2850x3000x2300/h mm
Machine weight1850 kg
Cutting passUnica - Single pass
Features of SERIES G8:
- Swivel table from +45° to -45°;
- Tilting bridge from 0° to +45° (only type G8R);
- Idle roller table;
- Belt-driven power transmission (no direct power transmission to motor);
- Display showing degrees of rotation of the table;
- Display showing degrees of rotation of the bridge;
- Cut always in the same groove on the fixed top of the table.

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