Manual machine for cutting large thicknesses in single pass

The DONATONI cropping machines type DM1-PU are designed to cut large thicknesses of special materials in a single pass to make workpieces of various sizes.

Datasheet DM1-PU
Single blade
Useful cutting width610 mm610 mm
Maximum blades diameter 500 mm625 mm
Maximum cutting thickness150 mm200 mm
Blade/blades motor power11 kW15 kW
Installed power12 kW16 kW
Pneumatic clamps22
Water consumption20 l/min20 l/min
Compressed air consumption15 l/min15 l/min
Machine weight1500 kg circa1600 kg circa
Overall dimensions3500 x 2300 x 1900/h mm3500 x 2300 x 1900/h mm
DM1-PU cropping machine:

- it has solid structures designed to support and move heavy slabs;
- it has a support table made of covered steel idle rollers;
- it has an automatic 2-clamp workpiece blocking system that ensures total sawing precision;
- it offers machine operators the advantage of custom-size cuts thanks to mobile disappearing locators mounted on the work table;
- it works with a belt-driven motor/spindle system with the possibility of changing RPM according to the material to be cut;
- it employs an inverter that controls spindle carriage feed with speed slow down during terminal cutting phases to reduce workpiece breakage and with fast cutting-unit return speed to reduce processing times;
- the disk motor is positioned where it is protected as much as possible from processing waste and jets of water, guaranteeing safety, durability and reliability.
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