Manual cross cutting machine for decorations

The DONATONI cropping machines type DM1-C meet the needs of clients looking for new and innovative applications of marble and stone in interior decor: to decorate floors and for wall coverings that combine marble, ceramic and clay tiles.
DM1-C croppers are designed for single-pass sawing of angular stone elements to make listels, inserts, edges and strips.

Datasheet DM1-C
Single blade
Useful cutting width610 mm
Maximum blades diameter 400 mm
Maximum cutting thickness75 mm
Blade/blades motor power7,5 kW
Installed power8,5 kW
Pneumatic clamps1
Water consumption20 l/min
Compressed air consumption15 l/min
Machine weight1220 kg circa
Overall dimensions2100 x 2300 x 1800/h mm
DM1-C machines:
- with a support table formed of a ground steel surface with slots for fastening templates and locators for cutting special pieces;
- have a pneumatic vice for automatic workpiece clamping;
- ensure excellent cutting precision, necessary when composing frames and geometric patterns;
- have a speed slow-down device that acts when cutting is almost terminated to prevent workpieces from breaking. They also have a quick return cycle to reduce processing times;
- work with belt-driven motor/spindle. RPM can be varied depending on the type of material being cut;
- have the disk motor positioned where it is protected as much as possible from processing waste and jets of water, guaranteeing safety, durability and reliability;
- on request, it can be equipped with templates for making mobile and fixed angled cuts.
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