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Donatoni also produces a series of special machines that are custom designed for each customer and customized depending on his individual needs.


Welcome to Costruzioni Meccaniche DONATONI

Founded in 1957 by Carlo Donatoni, the company has acquired the experience and the ability to find specific solutions to problems of various customers.
In the early nineties the company assumes the character of society by giving a new impetus to its production. Thus was born the company "Costruzioni Meccaniche Donatoni" which, to follow the "specialization" imposed by the evolution of the market, hone their knowledge and experience in the field of cutting and finishing of the worked natural stone, coming to design and build machines and reliable systems for quality and durability.
Today the company, having acquired skills and experience in cutting and processing of natural stone such as marble, slate and granite porphyry also transferring materials such as cement, ceramics, glass, brick, resins and Leca, fails to meet the customer's needs by offering art products.